While our specialty is snorkeling, Snuba® and Scuba diving, we offer all these activities to our clients through personalized, custom tours: Snorkeling, Snuba®, Scuba, Whale/Dolphin Watching, and Custom Charters.Snuba Diver

If there is something special or a combination of these activities you desire, we can design your charter to meet your goals. The key to your program is do what YOU want to do, progress at YOUR own pace, and have as much FUN as possible, while keeping the family together. When was the last time the non-divers in your family went along with you and you had a great time?


The only dive operation on the Big Island to integrate SNUBA® into it's dive programs. SNUBA® combines the ease of snorkeling with the sustained underwater breathing of Scuba, without all the time-consuming training and heavy restrictive gear. This allows you to achieve comfort and the confidence in diving much quicker and easier.

Snuba® was created for those who enjoy the ocean and would like to experience the wonders of breathing underwater. It is a unique, patented shallow water dive system, bridging the gap between snorkeling and scuba diving.

Snuba Diver

Snuba® is safer and easier than scuba and does not require certification. Our caring, professional guides are with you the whole time. You progress at your pace, letting go of the raft and diving down when you choose to and diving at the depth you prefer.

You wear a lightweight harness that tethers you to the Snuba® raft on the surface by way of a 25' hose. The raft carries your tank on the surface and follows your every move. You breathe through a regulator, wearing a small weight belt, mask and fins. Minimal equipment for maximum fun!.

Beginners are instructed in the proper use of the Snuba® gear and in a very short time you are enjoying the beauty and serenity of the underwater world. Snuba is easily accessible to couples, families, children over 8 years, and seniors. We take many non-swimmers as well!

If you have ever wondered what scuba diving is like, there is no safer and easier way to find out than Snuba®. Many people have commented on the fact that Snuba® is easier than snorkeling. Each Snuba® guide takes a maximum of six Snuba® divers on each tour. And, we go at your pace!


Snuba Doo allows kids from 4 through 7 years of age to join their older siblings, parents or family members on a shared Snuba experience. Kids wear a specially designed floatation vest, which provides buoyancy to support the participant on the surface. A standard regulator with smaller, kid's sized, mouthpiece provides a supply of air connected the air cylinder located on the Snuba raft.
The Snuba Doo airline is 10 feet in length, which is the furthest distance the Snuba Doo kid's can be from the Snuba raft. Safer than snorkeling, Snuba Doo kids can cruise along above their family and friends while power snorkeling from the surface. If they get tired they can lay on the Snuba raft. They never have to worry about sucking in salt water through a Snorkel and most importantly, a Snuba Guide will be with the group the entire time.

Snuba Doo is a fantastic innovation to promote family entertainment, this way the younger ones don’t get left behind!